Enviro Fresh is a family owned, Canadian manufacturer of high-quality and affordable products. We specialize in several categories of the pet industry, as well as for commercial markets. For over 20 years, we have emphasized on continuous learning, research, and development, leading to the cutting-edge products we offer today.

Oral Hygiene

We take your pet's oral hygiene seriously, and you should too.

Odor Elimination

The original Get The Odor Out formula from 1997.

Stain Removal

Fantastic smelling enzyme based products that are tough on stains and odors.


Fine tuned for specific odors and messy situations, we've got it from here.


We offer a variety of grooming products to keep your pet in tip-top shape!


Made with human food grade & pharmaceutical quality ingredients.

"Our mission is to provide quality, earth conscious products at an affordable price"

- President & Founder, Neil Black

Best Sellers


At Enviro Fresh, we spend each day creating products that we believe in, and have full confidence in using them on ourselves, our pets, our office, and our homes.

Customer First

Exceeding customer needs will always be a pillar behind each product we create.


Documentation, sampling, and testing of every product ensures only the best leaves our facility.


What do we do for fun? Wake up Monday - Friday and head to the office.

Constant Improvement

There's always room for growth; from one product in 1997 to nearly three dozen in 2020. The gears never stop grinding.


Interested in buying our products? See our retailers and distributors below. For large quantities, private label, distribution, and retail, please contact us.