Fabric Refresher for Pets

EF 0958

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  • Eliminates odors caused by pets, cooking and cigarette smoke
  • Safe on carpets, upholstery, heavy fabrics, clothing, shoes, sports equipment, garbage cans, bedding, cars, boats and RVs
  • Made in Canada " tab_2_title="Directions" tab_2_content="Directions:
  • Shake before using
  • Set sprayer to mist
  • Apply even amount to surface until slightly damp
  • Odors will fade as surface dries


  • Add 118 mL to laundry water, stir, add clothing and wash
  • For front loading machines, add to fabric softener dispenser


  • Safe on most heavy fabrics
  • Always test for colorfastness on a hidden area and wait 24 hours for results" tab_3_title="Ingredients" tab_3_content="Contains: Purified filtered water, fragrance, surfactant, detergent, preservative "][/otw_shortcode_tabslayout]

Always refer to the product's label for more information.